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Useful Tips

1. DO NOT send a mass text mailing to all your patients at one time. Building Google Reviews needs to look natural. If your practice receives 50 Google Reviews in one month, make sure to get 50 reviews every month. Otherwise, Google may see your first 50 reviews as spam and simply ignore them.

2. Send out a Google Review Request after your patient leaves the office. Most people will check their text messages before driving. The sooner the patients have the opportunity to leave a review, the higher the chances they will leave a review. In addition, the visit will be fresh on their mind.

3. DO NOT send a request while the patient is still in the office. Some patients may feel pressured or not comfortable leaving a review while still in the office.

4. Existing patients with email accounts are an excellent target for requesting a review. If you choose to send out a limited number of Google Review requests per day, target patients that have a email as their contact email. Most users will already be logged into their Google account.

5. If you want to test out the MyPracticeReviews App with your personal cell phone number, keep in mind you cannot leave a Google Review for yourself – it won’t work. Instead, try sending a text to someone in your office that has a Google account. Or create a email for free and try it out. Go to to create a new GMAIL account.

What To Expect

Every practice is different and there are a number of factors that will determine the amount of Google Reviews your practice will attain.  Some of the factors may be:

  • the size of your practice
  • the age of your patients
  • the total number of Google Requests you send out

The number one factor will be how many of your patients have a Google account.  Since MyPracticeReviews targets Google Reviews, our App works best on patients that are already logged into their Google account.  If your patient doesn’t have a Google account, they will not be able to leave a Google Review unless they are willing to create a new Google account.  Most patients may not be willing to take these extra steps.   Due to these factors you can expect
5-10% of the patients that receive a request to leave a review.   Although this number may seem low, attaining just 2 Google Reviews per week will add up to over 100 Google Reviews in 12 months.  100 Google Reviews is a very high number compared to other medical offices in your area.